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Harley's faaaaaavourite toysss by ZalyHeartlessTigress Harley's faaaaaavourite toysss :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 40 99 Gotham High CatJokes {Finished sketch} by ZalyHeartlessTigress Gotham High CatJokes {Finished sketch} :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 37 43 Unfinished garbage....Should I finish it? by ZalyHeartlessTigress Unfinished garbage....Should I finish it? :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 17 76 Uhh...I can explain Uncle McMoneybags.... by ZalyHeartlessTigress Uhh...I can explain Uncle McMoneybags.... :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 30 26 Brotherly love by ZalyHeartlessTigress Brotherly love :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 23 2 They're so gay I love them by ZalyHeartlessTigress They're so gay I love them :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 20 2 Spread my ass for the bars by ZalyHeartlessTigress Spread my ass for the bars :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 13 0 Mr Degu is ready to tear your ass apart by ZalyHeartlessTigress Mr Degu is ready to tear your ass apart :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 25 42 Current mood: Spread 'em by ZalyHeartlessTigress Current mood: Spread 'em :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 23 15 Boyo acts tough by ZalyHeartlessTigress Boyo acts tough :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 15 2 I KNOW EVIL WHEN I SEE IT I TELL YOU WHAT. by ZalyHeartlessTigress I KNOW EVIL WHEN I SEE IT I TELL YOU WHAT. :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 9 19 Lexxi, baaaaby, funky booo! by ZalyHeartlessTigress Lexxi, baaaaby, funky booo! :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 38 52 Darkwing Beyond-ish... by ZalyHeartlessTigress Darkwing Beyond-ish... :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 40 29 Two kings of one ruling castle by ZalyHeartlessTigress Two kings of one ruling castle :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 40 30 Fearsome Five offsprings by ZalyHeartlessTigress Fearsome Five offsprings :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 34 22 An intense stare by ZalyHeartlessTigress An intense stare :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 62 35
First of all, people seem to be sometimes scared of me when they want something from me, don't worry guys, I don't bite.......much :iconhurrplz: But seriously now, because of situations like these I decided to show you what you can or can't expect from me, hey, everybody does that, it's a cliché, I want to be like cool kids on teh interwebz :D
:icontradesopen::iconpointcommissionsopen: (But keep in mind that I still have my own standards :))
:iconnokiribans::iconnocommissions: <--If we are talking about real money here, DA isn't my job :P
In case you simply want to enter this Hell hole:
Warning: This gallery contains EDGINESS!!! :XD: I usually draw fanarts of movies, TV series, games, this tiger got its claws on everything boiii :dummy: It's like going through serial killer's freaking harddrive, not meant for the easily triggered :lol:; Slash couples, bloody pictures, fan-arts of unofficial couples or sometimes even fan-characters....
So please, respect my opinion and I will respect yours. :icondragontailfast: If you don't want to respect however, then we can put some troll war on, that's always fun =P

But there are photos too. If you like big cats, you will probably like them. :icondragonshy2:
And the other main themes?
1. Random cartoon shows, you know :XD:
2. DC and company bitchieeees :dummy:
3. Ice Age (Not active =P)
4. CreepyPasta (Not anymore! Nimmermeer! :D)
5. Animal pictures (Windows XP Paint....High quality I tell you :D)
6. Animal photos (Kittens! :meow:)
7. And characters from my friends. (Or even my friends :XD:)
8. Aaaand my own characters of course, you can skip this part =P

But I hope you will like it anyway. :iconihappyloveitplz:


Blue spruce by m-gosia Blue spruce :iconm-gosia:m-gosia 69 73 Tribute to Perkin by Urceola Tribute to Perkin :iconurceola:Urceola 3 0 Depart by endprocess83 Depart :iconendprocess83:endprocess83 29 4 Cotton Bud Watering Can by Micky246 Cotton Bud Watering Can :iconmicky246:Micky246 5 0 Cotton Bud Watering Can by Micky246 Cotton Bud Watering Can :iconmicky246:Micky246 8 2 Crocodile and Spider Conch by Jodonna Crocodile and Spider Conch :iconjodonna:Jodonna 2 0 Potentially Red by DasGhul Potentially Red :icondasghul:DasGhul 22 1 [Auction Adoptable] Trainer Roxanne (OPEN) by Rumay-Chian [Auction Adoptable] Trainer Roxanne (OPEN) :iconrumay-chian:Rumay-Chian 50 5 Pocket Sized YA BOI by HappyKittyPlushies Pocket Sized YA BOI :iconhappykittyplushies:HappyKittyPlushies 49 2 Kanna by Melody-in-the-Air Kanna :iconmelody-in-the-air:Melody-in-the-Air 30 6 Catherine by Melody-in-the-Air Catherine :iconmelody-in-the-air:Melody-in-the-Air 29 0 Me by ametotaiyou Me :iconametotaiyou:ametotaiyou 98 27 Saul by CristianSJuarez Saul :iconcristiansjuarez:CristianSJuarez 9 0 Chibi Commission Batch 207 - 209 by Lady-Bullfinch Chibi Commission Batch 207 - 209 :iconlady-bullfinch:Lady-Bullfinch 40 5 Maker Adopts-CLOSED (in need of points FAST) by AKoukis Maker Adopts-CLOSED (in need of points FAST) :iconakoukis:AKoukis 21 48 Chibi commish #2 by DynamisGD Chibi commish #2 :icondynamisgd:DynamisGD 36 7
What? Too many faves? Hey, it's not my fault that I love art! :D
Be sure to check them too, some awesome artists are there! :icondragonpokeplz:


Digital {Better}
My "masterpieces" :D Decent anatomy and better background or some special effects. But I spend a lot of my time on these, so make your choice :icondragonxpplz:
Digital {Simple}
The regular status of my gallery :XD: Simple drawing of whatever you want to, if you want better background, we can talk about price :icondragonheheplz:
Traditional pictures
Pencils and crayons, what can I say? :D It takes the same effort as when I do it digitally :icondragonnod2: But keep in mind, that my scanner is not the best ^^;
I made a new folder, yey :D I think I drew them a lot lately, so I could make them an actual commission selling point :icondragonnod1:
Sketches {Colorless drawings}
How the title says, it's just little bit different technique :icondragonshy2:
I have many things near my house, trees, bushes, flowers, animals, just tell me, I maybe could take a photo of something you would like as a stock or reference or something, you know :icondragonshyplz:
Simple sketch or a base
 I usually drew those ones for my friends since they wanted to finish it, something like base, nothing special :icondragontailfaster:


I will be gone for some time AND sice the ep 5 will come out while I'll be away from home....just like my Little Nightmares that I ordered btwww Angry Steve Harvey I wish to discuss something with ya, last change boys :D Not much, since I don't want to bother you too much....At first I wanted to talk about my art and criticism, but Telltale is more relevant, so maybe later baby :dummy:

Anyways, can we just talk about how FUCKING CLEVER this sneak peak is?!… -Trailer
Yas bois!!!! This is ep 5 John! He seems to have makeup by the white eyebrows and I'm sure that thing isn't a blackeye :P And the lipstic seems genuine too, not just some random red shit on his lips :XD:
But anyways.
If you don't know, this is an obvious reference to the Killing Joke comic book cover, look it up if needed :D But they updated it by giving him a smartphone instead of camera which isn't just some random change since he's a character that you can see with a smartphone all the time.....which now makes me wonder if they made him like that only just for this pose...:XD:
But they played with the fact that smartphones have large screen, which here shows the other side of John as it's taken with a front camera, the "hero" one....or...maybe...his "true" self? The fact that he still doesn't want to hurt you even after what you've done to him? ;P It's a clever take on the split personality and I just simply love this! :la:

Ooooooh guuuuuys, what do you thik of it? What do you think will happen? :iconlaplz: What about BatJokes, how will it twist? :O BUT no spoilers please......
  • Watching: Scary top tens, I'm a waste of space
  • Eating: Buns


ZalyHeartlessTigress's Profile Picture
Edgy is my middle name
Czech Republic
I actually don't have a middle name.
I also hate DeviantArt.

Hi dudes and dudettes! :icondragonhiplz:

Before you will ask me, I have to warn you :D
1. Please, forgive me my BAD English. I'm still learning. :)

2. I'm not the best artist in the world, I know, I just like drawing, you know, a kid that doesn't know any better, young crap that thinks she can draw, however you want to call it :D :meow: .....Like I never had a single drawing course in my entire life, sad story :XD: I present my ideas here through fanarts, I draw original things only when I want to give myself a drawing challenge, oh, and I also post some photos here and there :aww:
......Plz don't tell my parents what their sexy little daughter does on the internet. They'd be dissapointed.

3. No matter what, don't forget that my DA account is just a joke :P

4. NO, I DON'T have any mental disorders, NO, I WON'T RP with you, NO, I'm NOT all time respectful person, NO, we DON'T know each other in real life so don't behave like we do, YES, you DO disgust me with being sexual over the internet, NO, I WON'T ban you for disrespecting these informations, that's silly, try to remember that next time you talk to me however. =P

5. "I feel like I'm the worst so I act like I'm the best." :lol:

6. Just one more thing I'm asking of you, please, don't go justice warrior on me. I'm not that kind of person, you won't convince me to your beliefs. If anything, you'll make me want to make fun of *blank* even more, nobody wants hard feelings bro. :P
...Also...if you're a SJW I hate've destroyed my precious idol JonTron....:(

7. And important: I'm one of the biggest fan-fucks you've ever seen in your life. :XD:
Sooo......what should I write here?....Hmm.....oh, I know! A DA commercial! :dummy: See all the people that are in my friends list? Well, be sure to especially check out this guy, he's my....more like I am his work partner here, so if you like my stuff, you will love his! :D He is of course the marvellous kangaroo white knight :iconscale-fang: We have that kind of bond, so if you will praise him for his work it would make me happy as well and who knows, maybe some ideas that he presented originally came from my head! :aww: On the other hand, if you hate the stuff we work on, be aware, attack me, he will defend me, attack him, I will break your friggin' spine! :stare:

Anyways, let's continue with my actual bio (=Stuff that nobody cares about) And it's gonna be long since I want you to know EVRYTIIING about meh! :stare:

About me :iconcutederpplz:
I'm very shy person in real life. :blushes:
My parents must've loved me, because they named me Margaret even tho I was born as a Virgo, which is literally the only name your shouldn't give to your Virgo girls, but ok...
All the stuff that you can call me: Markéta, Margaret, Mája or Maya, Zaly, Zalyna, Karel, Michael (Majk), Acorn, Lavender.......whatever you choose. :D
As you can see, I'm from Czech Republic, which means I'm little reptilian girl, a laughing beast I would say, and you better hand me a beer or I'm gonna steal your ballpen! :stare:
I'm an animal lover, cats especially. :happybounce:
I respect my language :bow:
I will most likely never show my real face, however, I can tell you that I look like Marilyn Manson......make-up less :P Seriously tho, that isn't a joke, I literally look like him, except for being far younger and a bit girlier :XD:
And I'm into gothic fashion =P

More informations about me on DA :iconnightsmirkplz:
Just because I'm here doesn't automatically mean I'd like to buy your products over the internet, seriously tho, stop trying to sell me your stuff please....:XD:
I'm a shipping freak. :P
Just because I don't like things you do doesn't mean I don't like you in person, unless it's something really bad.
And also, here are some of my favorite quotes, just because I want it a bit more longerrrrr:

We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they're inside of us -the Joker

One day they love us because we are unique and next day we're in jail because we are different - Knuckles the Echidna

Music is the best form of magic- Marilyn Manson

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. -Edgar Allan Poe

And when everyone's super, no one will be. =P -The Syndrome

We all are crazy, it's only that some of us are not crazy enough to admit it. / Keep the man in the cage and he will start behaving like an animal, give him freedom and he will realize his humanity. -Dr. Silas Lamb

I'm an unconditional atheist. So big that sometimes I'm afraid of God's punishment! -Jára Cimmrman :lol:

My sins will be judged by no one else but me- Earorgasm

I'm a kind person. I'm kind to everyone, but if you're unkind to me, the kindness is not what you'll remember me for. -Al Capone ;P

There's no merciful God. Only a God torturer. -Antonio Salieri

Real person isn't perfect and perfect person isn't real :P -Unknown

Dogs are like retarded children. You showing people being able to take care of them makes them feel sympathy for you. Cats are like....edgy teenagers that want to have nothing to do with you.... :D -Quinton

You can have all money on the world, but there is one thing you can never buy. A dinosaur -Homer Simpson :XD:

Bye guys. :wave: I hope you enjoyed my gallery. :heart: And stay *ehm* *ehm* Unbelievable fascinating absolutely fabulous, motherfuckin' breathtaking and tutti-frutti megastars!


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