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Remember the winter? by ZalyHeartlessTigress Remember the winter? :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 8 6 Holy dead hetero BatJokes Batman! by ZalyHeartlessTigress Holy dead hetero BatJokes Batman! :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 14 7 Piss off Clark, diz my BFF. Find your own BFF. by ZalyHeartlessTigress Piss off Clark, diz my BFF. Find your own BFF. :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 16 27 Fatso wants to kissu Jokersu by ZalyHeartlessTigress Fatso wants to kissu Jokersu :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 19 27 Draw your Gotham High Suicide Squad by ZalyHeartlessTigress Draw your Gotham High Suicide Squad :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 31 93 Fun day commission by ZalyHeartlessTigress Fun day commission :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 26 30 There's a devil in the church by ZalyHeartlessTigress There's a devil in the church :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 29 61 Frauenkirche Kirche 2 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Frauenkirche Kirche 2 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 18 18 Frauenkirche Kirche 1 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Frauenkirche Kirche 1 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 21 18 Dresden 8 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 8 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 10 0 Dresden 7 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 7 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 12 8 Dresden 6 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 6 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 10 0 Dresden 5 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 5 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 11 4 Dresden 4 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 4 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 9 0 Dresden 3 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 3 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 9 6 Dresden 2 by ZalyHeartlessTigress Dresden 2 :iconzalyheartlesstigress:ZalyHeartlessTigress 18 20
First of all, people seem to be sometimes scared of me when they want something from me, don't worry guys, I don't bite.......much :iconhurrplz: But seriously now, because of situations like these I decided to show you what you can or can't expect from me, hey, everybody does that, it's a cliché, I want to be like cool kids on teh interwebz :D
:icontradesopen::iconpointcommissionsopen: (But keep in mind that I still have my own standards :))
:iconrequestfriendsonly: :icongiftsfriendsonly:
:iconnokiribans::iconnocommissions: <--If we are talking about real money here, DA isn't my job :P
In case you simply want to enter this Hell hole:
Warning: This gallery contains EDGINESS!!! :XD: I usually draw fanarts of movies, TV series, games, this tiger got its claws on everything boiii :dummy: It's like going through serial killer's freaking harddrive, not meant for the easily triggered :lol:; Slash couples, bloody pictures, fan-arts of unofficial couples or sometimes even fan-characters....
So please, respect my opinion and I will respect yours. :icondragontailfast: If you don't want to respect however, then we can put some troll war on, that's always fun =P

But there are photos too. If you like big cats, you will probably like them. :icondragonshy2:
And the other main themes?
1. Random cartoon shows, you know :XD:
2. DC and company bitchieeees :dummy:
3. Ice Age (Not active =P)
4. CreepyPasta (Not anymore! Nimmermeer! :D)
5. Animal pictures (Windows XP Paint....High quality I tell you :D)
6. Animal photos (Kittens! :meow:)
7. And characters from my friends. (Or even my friends :XD:)
8. Aaaand my own characters of course, you can skip this part =P

But I hope you will like it anyway. :iconihappyloveitplz:


Kaput and Zosky OCs-The DMSL Brothers by SkunkyNoid Kaput and Zosky OCs-The DMSL Brothers :iconskunkynoid:SkunkyNoid 19 3 402 Olive by Hozure 402 Olive :iconhozure:Hozure 339 12 Sloane Maxwell by Camilia-Chan Sloane Maxwell :iconcamilia-chan:Camilia-Chan 3 2 Pick me by MarcHorn Pick me :iconmarchorn:MarcHorn 7 1 Wonder Woman - The Amazon Artwork by Adi-Herawan Wonder Woman - The Amazon Artwork :iconadi-herawan:Adi-Herawan 22 7 Take me home by elviraNL Take me home :iconelviranl:elviraNL 13 0 Levi Close up by KanoeShirota Levi Close up :iconkanoeshirota:KanoeShirota 13 1 Levi Ackerman Pin-up by KanoeShirota Levi Ackerman Pin-up :iconkanoeshirota:KanoeShirota 15 0 #TacoDaveForARMS contest entry by Minks-Art #TacoDaveForARMS contest entry :iconminks-art:Minks-Art 15 0 Fire... fire everywhere by woxys Fire... fire everywhere :iconwoxys:woxys 157 24 Galaxy Girl by ochopanteras Galaxy Girl :iconochopanteras:ochopanteras 14 2 Dragon Priest by Varagka Dragon Priest :iconvaragka:Varagka 81 8 LETS GET DANGEROUS! Darkwing Ducks Gas Gun by Kuruttra LETS GET DANGEROUS! Darkwing Ducks Gas Gun :iconkuruttra:Kuruttra 2 0 Koala on a tree by adampanak Koala on a tree :iconadampanak:adampanak 6 12 Nightfall Poster-Ethereal Version 2 by AKoukis Nightfall Poster-Ethereal Version 2 :iconakoukis:AKoukis 12 1 Predator by moppaa Predator :iconmoppaa:moppaa 30 0
What? Too many faves? Hey, it's not my fault that I love art! :D
Be sure to check them too, some awesome artists are there! :icondragonpokeplz:


Digital {Better}
My "masterpieces" :D Decent anatomy and better background or some special effects. But I spend a lot of my time on these, so make your choice :icondragonxpplz:
Digital {Simple}
The regular status of my gallery :XD: Simple drawing of whatever you want to, if you want better background, we can talk about price :icondragonheheplz:
Traditional pictures
Pencils and crayons, what can I say? :D It takes the same effort as when I do it digitally :icondragonnod2: But keep in mind, that my scanner is not the best ^^;
I made a new folder, yey :D I think I drew them a lot lately, so I could make them an actual commission selling point :icondragonnod1:
Sketches {Colorless drawings}
How the title says, it's just little bit different technique :icondragonshy2:
I have many things near my house, trees, bushes, flowers, animals, just tell me, I maybe could take a photo of something you would like as a stock or reference or something, you know :icondragonshyplz:
Simple sketch or a base
 I usually drew those ones for my friends since they wanted to finish it, something like base, nothing special :icondragontailfaster:


Guys I've got a weird fetish I'm a shamed of.
Most people on the internet don't share my sexual interest, so the only thing I can do now is just hope that others can relate and help me feel less strange.
I like men.
Every time I see a handsome guy, my heart starts to beat faster. I know it's odd, as most people like Sonic characters wearing diapers, or transsexual dragon anal cactus inflation of some kind. I know I should be ashamed, but I couldn't help myself, it's totally my lifestyle. Most of people on DA tell me I should RP their gay my little pony porn and want me to join their life aka one big roleplay to make me normal again, but the thing's complicated. You guys requesting me to draw furry feet fetish, I get it, you want to help me, not only with normality, but also with popularity, because, as we all know, talented artists never get noticed here on DA, only pansexual pedophile porn fanartists that get butthurt over fucking anything. DA is truly a wonderful place that way. And I'm trying, I really am, as you know, I draw fanarts of anthro characters all the time, I even made my fan fursona once because I was young and I just wanted to have fun, not realizing it would make me automatically a furry on the webernet and I really appreciate you calling me a furry, warms my heart up, but I must admit, I'm not one, I can't lie to you....I'm a freak, that's right, I said it, I'M A FREAK, a weirdo! I.....I never told anyone, I'm sure my parents would never look at me the same way again, oh, especially my mother, my poor mommy that tried to raise me well...... Just....please tell me I'm not alone.....
Horo Ashamed 

SSSOOOOOOO nevermind that, enough of this faggotry rant, a month passed away....and almost another one did too.... :D (Big Grin) It's summer already, yey! I am a dummy! And by yey I mean no yey. Fucking sunburn, hurts like shit, I told to some already, I nearly cried when I had to take my shirt on at one point. Cry forever I literally look like a human version of a cancer now. Not even makeup can hide the red on my face. I told my parents there's a good fucking reason why I don't go outside anytime that isn't night in this weather and they still think I'm just an emo asocial trash. Raven Frown (Emoticons) 
Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I'd love to remind you of my summer contest! *Le flashy images to catch your attention*  INSERT YOUR OWN CLICKBAIT HERE...CONTEST PLZ*Had to rewrite this so many times, ughhhhhh*
You already thought I scammed you out of your money, haven't you? =P Well, guess what, I didn't, I just needed good time.
So what about you'll ignore the pride month and join my contest instead, because, let's be honest, it's fucking stupid. I don't like the idea, neither should you.
The theme to draw is the same, I'd love you forever if you'd draw some of my (or Scale-Fang's) OCs having good time outside, playing in rain, your favourite holidays, vacation in your native land, being on a beach, skating, racing, ice cream.... Just everything summer and nothing winter! :D Or late spring.....or early get the idea :XD: I suppose you can make brooming art too, just please no super gory hateart... :'( 
THIS TIME THO!!!! I really want you do draw something THAT'S AT LEAST A BIT LINKED TO MY OCS OR MY WORK, I mean, even I can scribble random thing at school, check the journal the next da
.....*rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow rainbow* If you still want to join, you can baby! Neko Emoji-42 - (Kawaii Admiring) [V3] And that's probably all, don't want to annoy the crap out of you more than I already did, baiiii Squeal! 

...Plz, don't draw me as a cancer for my summer contest....
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  • Watching: Not parodies anymore
  • Playing: Not GOTTA GO FAST


ZalyHeartlessTigress's Profile Picture
Edgy is my middle name
Czech Republic
I actually don't have a middle name.
I also hate DeviantArt.

Hi dudes and dudettes! :icondragonhiplz:

Before you will ask me, I have to warn you :D
1. Please, forgive me my BAD English. I'm still learning. :)

2. I'm not the best artist in the world, I know, I just love drawing, you know, a kid that doesn't know any better, young crap that thinks she can draw, however you want to call it :D :meow: I present my ideas here through fanarts, I draw original things only when I want to give myself a drawing challenge, oh, and I also post some photos here and there :aww:

3. No matter what, don't forget that my DA account is just a joke :P

4. NO, I DON'T have any mental disorders, NO, I WON'T RP with you, NO, I'm NOT all time respectful person, NO, we DON'T know each other in real life so don't behave like we do, YES, you DO disgust me with being sexual over the internet, NO, I WON'T ban you for disrespecting these informations, that's silly, try to remember that next time you talk to me however. =P

5. "I feel like I'm the worst so I act like I'm the best." :lol:

6. And important: I'm one of the biggest fan-fucks you've ever seen in your life. :XD:
Sooo......what should I write here?....Hmm.....oh, I know! A DA commercial! :dummy: See all the people that are in my friends list? Well, be sure to especially check this guy, he's my....more like I am his work partner here, so if you like my stuff, you will love his! :D He is of course the marvellous kangaroo white knight :iconscale-fang: We have that kind of bond, so if you will praise him for his work it would make me happy as well and who knows, maybe some ideas that he presented originally came from my head! :aww: On the other hand, if you hate the stuff we work on, be aware, attack me, he will defend me, attack him, I will break your friggin' spine! :stare:

Anyways, let's continue with my actual bio (=Stuff that nobody cares about) And it's gonna be long since I want you to know EVRYTIIING about meh! :stare:

About me :iconcutederpplz:
I'm very shy person in real life. :blushes:
My parents must've loved me, because they named me Margaret even tho I was born as a Virgo, which is literally the only name your shouldn't give to your Virgo girls, but ok...
All the stuff that you can call me: Markéta, Margaret, Mája or Maya, Zaly, Zalyna, Karel, Michael (Majk), Acorn, Lavender.......whatever you choose. :D
As you can see, I'm from Czech Republic, which means I'm little reptilian girl, a laughing beast I would say, and you better hand me a beer or I'm gonna steal your ballpen! :stare:
I'm an animal lover, cats especially. :happybounce:
I respect my language :bow:
I'm blonde with fake black and red pieces, I'm trying to keep short hair. And I have greenish eyes. :) I will most likely never show my real face, however, I can tell you that I look like Marilyn Manson......make-up less :P Seriously tho, that isn't a joke, I literally look like him, except for being far younger and a bit girlier :XD:
And I'm into gothic fashion =P

More informations about me on DA :iconnightsmirkplz:
Just because I'm here doesn't automatically mean I'd like to buy your products over the internet, seriously tho, stop trying to sell me your stuff please....:XD:
I'm a shipping freak. :P
Just because I don't like things you do doesn't mean I don't like you in person, unless it's something really bad.
Llama for llama, that's how I show my appreciation :heart:
And also, here are some of my favorite quotes, just because I want it a bit more longerrrrr:

We stop looking for monsters under the bed when we realize they're inside of us -the Joker :nod:

One day they love us because we are unique and next day we're in jail because we are different - Knuckles the Echidna :meow:

Music is the best form of magic- Marilyn Manson :aww:

Words have no power to impress the mind without the exquisite horror of their reality. -Edgar Allan Poe :love:

And when everyone's super, no one will be. =P -The Syndrome

We all are crazy, it's only that some of us are not crazy enough to admit it. / Keep the man in the cage and he will start behaving like an animal, give him freedom and he will realize his humanity. :greetings: -Dr. Silas Lamb

I'm an unconditional atheist. So big that sometimes I'm afraid of God's punishment! -Jára Cimmrman :lol:

My sins will be judged by no one else but me- Earorgasm :drool:

I'm a kind person. I'm kind to everyone, but if you're unkind to me, the kindness is not what you'll remember me for. -Al Capone ;P

There's no merciful God. Only a God torturer. :hmm: -Antonio Salieri

Real person isn't perfect and perfect person isn't real :P -Unknown

You can have all money on the world, but there is one thing you can never buy. A dinosaur -Homer Simpson :XD:

Bye guys. :wave: I hope you enjoyed my gallery. :heart: And stay *ehm* *ehm* Unbelievable fascinating absolutely fabulous, motherfuckin' breathtaking and tutti-frutti megastars!


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